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About Us

Foo Leong Tan & Chan is a boutique law firm that delivers personalised legal solutions to clients.

Our commitment to prioritising clients’ needs is evident in our extensive experience handling highly contentious disputes and advising on complex corporate matters.

We offer cost-effective, strategic approaches and skilled advocacy to meet all our clients’ legal needs.

We value client relationships and communicate transparently and professionally.

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Our Values


We are dedicated to achieving excellence in all our pursuits, consistently delivering outstanding results across every facet of our work.


We firmly believe that collaborative engagement with our clients as a unified team is paramount to achieving success. We highly esteem our partnerships, valuing the distinctive perspectives that each team member contributes.


We are unwavering in our dedication to our clients and their objectives. We persevere relentlessly until we attain our goals, steadfastly maintaining our commitment to securing the optimal outcome.

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What we specialise in

Commercial Litigation

Civil Litigation

Corporate Advisory

Matrimonial Proceedings

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